wordpress program cannot be uploaded

it is my second domain,first is ok .but the second ,i upload wordpress program,it is uploaded,but when i check it ,the file is not on the space ,no error on the process.please tell me ,what is the matter? the first domain i crate is ok ,but the second i can not uploaded it. it it just a orgrin wordpress grogram. thank you


  • @badbot said:
    Post your domain name hosted on profreehost!


    this is my first domain.it is ok lin.liveblog365.com .
    this is my second domain note.liveblog365.com its space can't upload wordpress grogram succcessfully. please help me

  • but why i use the first domain is ok ,but the second i have to extracting locally and upload a time a little. i haven't tried that

    @badbot said:

    ftp is a problem child. Sometimes it works, end other times it fails.

    So without asking what you already tried. You may be better off using softaculous.

    I found that extracting files locally, and with a ftp client using as the host works. But you have to upload a little at a time. like 1 folder. Takes a long time. Some folders have to be broke up.

    It is a file size limit, that stops the proccess.


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