improve accessibility for pro free host

I am using NVDA screen reader, I am visually impaired. I'm very hard to access in c panel and I need everything pro free host to be able to comply with wcag and accessibility standards. I find it very difficult to change domain names according to individuals and I find it not really suitable for disability, blind people have not mastered it yet. Most of the websites are the same, indistinguishable, cannot confirm the personal brand. I think there are a few more domains like, or some personal claim domains and I hope it will be accessible and compatible with NVDA. Hope it will be suitable for everyone. Most .com domain names are not free and blind people will not be able to get it if they are in Vietnam. Their income is very low and everything is not easily accessible, it is far from perfect. I think everyone should be able to change the domain name to their liking and will impose some necessary permissions, users need to meet some minimum requirements and I find accessibility to be a little existent because of the programmers hardly care, they often ignore such things. Therefore, blind and disabled people cannot access it. I have searched on the internet there are many domain editor tools. I don't know if the web world is suitable for us blind people at the moment and can I participate in the development of my personal website? I need an answer because accessibility in pro free host is not good. I see, to start a website with the blind is not easy because not everyone has access to technology, economics, programming skills, etc. I hope if there are people If you are blind or disabled, joining a pro free host can help me so that I can refer to my experience as well as give some further research on WordPress for the blind. From there, provide a suitable route for the visually impaired.

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