Database server down for days

The server has been down for days now. Anyone know what I can do as a workaround?


  • Thank you! Sorry not super familiar with all thing on web backend. Where can I go to make that change? Also, would this change delete the work I've done on my site?

  • Hi,

    So the problem is that my database isn't showing at all. I had a database and my site was built, but now I get the error "Error establishing a database connection" and when I go to cpanel the MySql Databases shows as 0 when it used to say 1. If I add a new database using that server information you provided I still will have lost my entire site right?

  • I do have a domain with profreehost. The site URL is When you go you'll see the error message I keep receiving about the error establishing a database connection. I think it must be a server issue with profreehost. It was on

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