Created cPanel Account On or Before 19 October? Read this

Do you have problem in connecting to ftp or mysql? If yes, read this.

On October 19, we made some changes to cPanel login system to make it easier to access your accounts. These changes required the change of cPanel passwords of all clients' website accounts.

So all clients who created website accounts on or before 19 October are required to change cPanel password of these new accounts for the websites to work properly.


  1. This change does not affect main account password, only the cPanel accounts created within the main client account.

  2. You are required to change the password of only those website accounts inside your main account which were created on or before 19 October.

  3. The change in password was done in a secure way, so you do not have to worry about the security.

  4. Make sure that you update the mysql password in your website scripts too.

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