Cloudflare doesn't work get error site not secure or 525 error

I made a account and installed WordPress using the softaculous app installer after that I logged into my cloudflare account. I ended up changing the nameservers from profreehost to cloudflare I'm using a custom domain using namesilo. In cloudflare I had it in "Full" and I was able to view the WordPress dashboard and website with no issues, but the site was still unsecure it had no padlock. So I went to plugins and installed Really Simple SSL and activate it. I clicked on 'install SSL certificate" ended up getting a error. Which I then clicked on "Override SSL detection if manual check clears." and clicked on "activate SSL". I went to my site in a new browser using it's private mode. I got a error saying it was not secure, so I went to my cloudflare account and clicked on flexible. That's when I got a 525 error SSL handshake failed "Browser working", "Cloudflare working", "Host error". So I had to log in via FTP and I deleted the Really Simple Plugin and removed my site from clouflare and I ended up putting the nameservers back to profreehost. Was able to login to the wordpress dashboard is there a way to fix this? Then with the database.

The other error I had was I didn't have a database in MySQL Databases so I went to file manager and viewed the wp-config.php and I copied the last 3 numbers from the DB_NAME and paste it "New Database". When I didn't have a database created I was able to login into wordpress and had no issues.


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