Chmod 077 by error, so I cannot delete file


I made incorrect chmod on my directory (by mistake), so I cannot delete it by ftp and by cpanel file manager (privilegies problem).

My mistake is 077 instead of 0777.

Please delete it. It is located here:


on my account unaux_19034963.



  • Hi,
    You cannot upload/edit files/folders in man directory of your account. You should upload your files inside 'htdocs' of your main account or 'htdocs' of your addon domain '' for your website(s) to work properly.

  • Yes, I know it. Just moved the problem directory to the account root to get it not visible and get the whole htdocs be copyable by ftp. But anyway, I asked you because chmod 077 made me no access to this folder. I even cannot delete it, not get files inside it, because 077 = no permission for the create owner. Only root can delete it now. It is the issue.

  • The folder is deleted.

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