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  • Xivito

    Hi, I've been experiencing problems accessing cpanel from your platform. It looks like this thread ->

    Could you help me please? I've posted this on January 17th and I'm really desperate here...

    Thank you

    January 30
  • whofootballnews

    when we get access for admin panel?

    January 15
  • gamieseprost

    bro delete my account PSYCHODRASI-THERAPY.GR
    7:52 pm

    January 9
  • pulkit

    Incorrect http header content-type: "text/html" (expected: "application/xml") is coming on my sitemap maybe due to the security system added by how to fix it

    December 2022
  • leemon

    how to increase max memory limit?

    December 2022
  • unaux_28556962

    I need close my account ......

    May 2021
    • blizz
      dude u cant this site were designed to steal domains
    • Admin
      Profreehost is providing free domains also. No one forced you to add your custom domain before trying the service out. Moreover, most of the free hosting services are powered by iFastNet servers. You cannot add same domain over and over again to the same cluster of servers and that's to reduce spams.
    • Admin
      Admin is live back again.
    • EmmanuelAnesu
      Hie I can't access my 2 websites, it shows CAN'T BE REACH DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Please help
      here are the links,
      The first is a bookstore, the second is a Print on demand that goes in hand with the bookstore.
      I don't know if this is what you mean by duplicate content.
  • umpiretechs

    You have to reach out to your DNS hosting team and ask them to update the MX record. Please can you help me to resolve this? I am anticipating your positive response. Thanks

    December 2022
  • ken

    My account has been suspended for 3day now can you please help me fix it

    June 2022
  • CasperAL

    My Account has been suspended due to some suspicious activity i didnt do nothing suspicious is there any way to fix it or backup my files , thanks

    April 2022
  • skrt24

    Hello, I need delete all my websites, please!!

    March 2022
  • servicetechnique

    This site can’t be reached !! site down so the cpanel << >>


    February 2022
  • servicetechnique

    This site can’t be reached !! site down so the cpanel

    << >>

    This site can’t be reachedCheck if there is a typo in
    If spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics.


    February 2022

    hi i HAVE five website 2 in one and three in another when i try to access my website it shows SITE CAN'T BE REACH DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN please help.
    here are the links
    [](http:// "")

    February 2022
  • Eupravat

    Hello, can you pls investigate problem with * based domain names because all of them are down as I see on forums... Including mine :( The error we get displayed is same on all of users DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Pls try to resolve as soon as possible... Also unable to login to Control panel...

    January 2022
    • unaux_30525198
      It's been 3 days. Please solve that!
    • Ns9
      I Agree!
  • Rock278

    Hello Admin. i have 2 websites and today my websites cannot open. im taking this error while i try to connect my website ;

    My Websites ;

    Please help me ..

    August 2021
  • simba

    My account has been suspended for no reason.

    August 2021
  • simba

    I got it from you for the domain. You said that your host is free! But now he says pay and have it, it was not really expected. I did not expect . I'm really sorry for you.
    Please open my host Thank you very much, I need this site, I will put your ad as well, but let me have these hosts. Thanks a lot.

    August 2021
  • Rock278

    Hello Admin. is host again down ? i cant connect with my websites . My websites and . Please help me why i cant connect my websites ?

    July 2021
  • Gregory77

    Username: unaux_28890262 . I want to migrate this account to another good host. please provide the direction to do so. Please help me to get back up of my files

    July 2021
  • amrslenovo

    my account is suspended probably because of some prohibited activity. Send us a support ticket to get more information.

    July 2021

    Please help, My all accounts was suspended on 28 Jun 2021, 05:14. I've contacted to but not getting any reponse, Tried 2 or three times. Please reponse these domains was created for personal purpose for sharing info to my friends and family. Please help

    July 2021
  • Dh_Profreehost

    Our Account has been suspended due to some suspicious activity on the account as per the email from ProfreeHost. We have not done any such activity and only done things as per the tutorial videos to make a wordpree site.
    As per the discussion forum on the website we have emailed the Admin at several times have not got any reply from them nor have they restored the account. Now due to this the website is down. Please help.


    June 2021
  • Rems

    my domain is suspended for no reason please help me


    May 2021
  • unaux_28556962

    I want migrate this account to other good host. please provide the direction to do so

    May 2021
  • ping1

    This domain on my cpanel when i Uploaded File to my cpanel then it not show my Server but why mybe Someone Access this domain duplicated

    May 2021
  • srilu

    HI Admin,
    I don't know how to send a support ticket, I am new to it. My account is suspended for some prohibited activity. I dont know why that happened. Can you please help with it.

    February 2021
  • Emilion

    Good day. wrote to you about blocking the unaux_21500708 account, now this account is not in your personal account at all. had to create a new one. if you can not restore the old account, please help restore the website backup

    January 2021
  • bayhan

    Hello dear admin, my account has been suspended due to illegal operation although there is no illegal transaction on my site. I would be glad if you could help on this matter.

    User Name: unaux_27578294

    I wish you a good day

    December 2020
  • internaltech

    Hello, I have a question, why all your domains are getting suspended even if I don't upload any files on them?

    December 2020
  • sarp

    Hello admin my account got suspended. Main domain: . Username: unaux_27512936

    December 2020

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