12/7/2022 Domain Suspended or Host Error!?

whats going on why my domain are suspended and one of my domain host error , can someone explain ?


  • All 6 of the domains I have on ProFreeHost redirect to a page saying that the domain was suspended. Is anyone else getting this issue? If not, what can I do to fix it? Thanks!

  • my website is ethereal173.cf and it redirected at a website that describes my domain was suspended.How to fix it?

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    What is this .why all my domain is suspended . I can access my cpanel but website is showing suspended domain.org

    Plz fix this
    Contact me : REDACTED

  • it was working fine but this happened plz help

  • Sir/ Madam,

    I had registered myself on profree hosting and started an account for mylinc.unaux.com on 2022-08-14. I had been building the website since and had not done any marketing as such for the website. The services nor the website was not complete.

    Sadly today when i logged in it is being redirected to https://suspended-website.com/e/.
    I ve lost the contents as well.
    Kindly assist in reactivating the website.

    Pretty Please :smiley:

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  • mine too i only have one domain saying host error

  • by my website suspended

  • by my website suspended

  • This should have been resolved, if not, please make a ticket.
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